HDPE PP plastic bottles/basin/bucket pelletizing extruder
to recycle waste PP/HDPE plastic shampoo bottle, container, trash can, bucket and other hollow board material, chemical bucket, barrel, milk bottle, basin
SJ model thermoplastic and plastic bottle, bucket, basin, barrel and chemical bucket recycling extruder 

Single screw extruder

Double stage single screw extruder 

Description for Plastic recycling granulator of SJ Model Pelletizing Extruder


A. Features of crushed flake granulator:

  • Higher output and  lower consumption (0.27kwh/kg to 0.35kwh/kg)
  • To compare with other supplier,  20%  output more than our first -generation products
  • To compare other suppliers, 15% less than consumption our first -generation products
  • 2 labors operating the whole line


B. Applications of plastic bucket, basin, barrel, milk bottle, chemical bucket, container pelletizing/granulating extruder: 


Applicable plastic materials: PE, HDPE, LDPE,PP, etc

Material shapes:  rigid flakes, crushed flake and washed flake

Note: depending on different material properties, various downstream equipment are needed.


C. How it works


①Screw charger uploading the material by timer

②Feeder and extruder is controller by frequency inverter,

③Different L/D for different material  

④Nature degassing, vacuum degassing adopting for moisture

⑤ Water ring die face cutting for perfect pellets shape

Main Technical Parameter:

 Model SJ100 SJ120 SJ140  SJ150SJ160 SJ180  SJ200
 Screw diameter 100 120 140 150 160 180 200
 Rotating speed       
 capacity(kg/hr) 250 to 350 300 to 400 500 to 600 600 to 800 800 to 1000 900 to 1200 1000 to 1500

Machine Detail Pictures

How to choose pelletizing way ?

A. Water ring pelletizing ( vertical water ring pelletizing system, horizontal water ring pelletizing system )

To compare strand pelletizing, water ring pelletizing system can saves labor work.

Cylinder compress blade ensure the output pellets at balance.

B. Strand pelletizing 

PP MFI >10 

output strip get cooled in water tank, and then get cut by pelletizer

C. Underwater pelletizing 

Mainly used high melt index materials.

Cutting and cooling together with output round pellets 

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