How to buy plastic recycling machines?
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As for primary, it is better to know machine quality from supplier own website and youtube video., like Once you need, you also can learn more new technology from World top 1 supplier, like EREMA, SOREMA,etc

Plastic recycling machine include plastic sorting, crushing, washing, drying, pelletizing/granulating and packaging.

regard plastic sorting, some customer just did rough sorting job, like manual sorting. as for PET bottle washing line, some customer prefer use material sorting plant.

Plastic granulating/ crushing/ shredding

consider big/whole plastic film, bottle or other plastic shape material, we need to crush them into small scrap. The core technology of plastic crushing is crusher’s shaft and crusher cutters. To monitor the crusher/shredder with accurate pressure, that request excellent hydraulic system. to operate easily, some customer also add frequency inverter for help.

Plastic washing process

To keep plastic material original feature, most supplier intent to use friction washer among material to remove sticky waste. with getting clean loose plastic, supplier also design floating tank for separating waste and clean material. According to PET material feature, some customer also equip hot washer with using steam for bad smell and bottle inner waste removing.

Plastic Pelletizing /Granulating Process

Once the plastic meet its melt point, it will get melted. how to degass and filter material waste? That is important. PURUI recycling extruder design the screw according to customer recycled material.

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