How to choose plastic recycling granulator (extruder)?
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First, customer need define recycled material shape and type, as well as evaluate the recycling capacity(kg/hr).

That is core step of recycling machine choose. Some new customers always have misunderstanding of plastic recycling machines, which can recycle all kinds of plastic. Actually, different kind of plastic have different characteristics and features. Their requested melting temperature and extruding pressure are quite different. The general plastic extruder can recycle and granulate/pelletizer our daily plastics. The common ones are polypropylene and polyethylene, such as plastic film, woven bags, convenience bags, basins, barrels, and daily necessities. For some special plastics such as Engineering ABS plastics, PET bottle materials, etc. require a special plastic extruder.

Second, extruder model decides the screw diameter size and recycling capacity. During choosing extruder model, customer can not only pay attention to extruder model, but also concern the machine processing capacity. In most cases, supplier marked capacity stands for output capacity. PURUI plastic recycling group offered extruder includes ML model extruder, SJ model extruder and TSSK model twin screw extruder, which used for plastic film or bag granulating/pelletizing, rigid plastic recycling as well as plastic modification, PET bottle flake, plastic blending and master batch.

Third, customer also need remind supplier with recycled material water content( dirty content) and printed percentage. PURUI offered single screw extruder only can process clean material or washed material within 5% water content. Once the recycled material dirty content is surpass 5% to 8%, customer should choose double stage recycling extruder for material recycling. Regarding printed material, supplier need strengthen vacuum system and filtering system.

Fourth, with having various supplier proposal, users can choose plastic granulators (extruder) with advanced technical parameters and reasonable prices through vertical or horizontal comparison. "Longitudinal" means that the main technical parameters of the plastic granulator (extruder) should meet industry standards and be reviewed according to industry standards. "Horizontal" is a comparison based on the technical parameters of similar plastic granulators (extruder) at local and abroad.

Fifth, according to budget, users circle the potential suppliers. Through discussion machine details with analysis suppliers design ability, technology mature content, machine operation and after-service, etc.

Sixth, after determined the final suppliers list, customers can go to investigate the corresponding granulator(extruder) manufacturer and the price of the granulator(extruder). Mainly to investigate the scale of the manufacturer, production strength, and the reputation of the customers who use the equipment. Dont be afraid of the long journey. The key to buying equipment is to buy a cost-effective machine with strong technology and after-sales service, so that there is no worries during future using process. If you only buy cheap or nearby equipment, the performance and product quality of the equipment will be unstable and the consumption will be consumed.



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