PP Big Bag Squeezing Dryer and PE Film Squeezer
The moisture after squeezing dryer is within 3% water content

General Introduction: With more and more waste landfill plastic film, recycler begain to wash the dirty film to clean. But, most LDPE film is thin, so that the washed film is hard to dry. with solving the thin film and big bag drying problem, PURUI engineers promote squeezer drying machine. This kind squeezer can dy the washed the film within 5% water content, and output rigid flake.

Main Technical Data
 Model  NG250 NG300 NG320 
 output(kg/h) 300 500 800
Squeezer Details: One huge screw embed in the squeezer. with screw rotating, material will be push and compress. at this time, the water go out from the filter. After that, with the heat from waste material friction, material will be heated into semi-melting. Final, through the die/mould, mterial will be compressed with high temperature. Material go through pelletizing system, and output the rigid scrap

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