1000 kghr PP Jumbo /Big Bag Recycle Washing Machine
Waste PP jumbo bag recycle washing plant
Crushing Unit-Washing Unit-Drying Unit


1. Water-saving, power-saving and labor saving

2. No need extra chemical adding for keep original plastic feature at large extent

3. Excellent washing effect by material gravity and friction force

4. To use material physical feacture for washing process

5. The stricky waste, sand, mud and paper label get removed through high rotating speed 

6. Final washed scrap get wring dried within 3% water content

Plastic Crusher 

To use crusher can solve PP bag scrap wrapping problem.Once customer would like enhance feeding capacity, PURUI also can wide the feeding mouth for PP big bag bail feeding. 

High Speed Friction Washer 

To make full use of friction force among material, sticky waste get removed.With shaft rotating, trial waste will through away with centrifugal force from 630rpm rotating shaft. 

Floating Tank /Rinsing Tank

PURUI made floating tank is much water saving, like air-opening valve for waste discharge, conical bottom, bottom diacharge screw and stainless steel chain

Squeezing and Agglomerating Dryer 

Integrated screw without broking easily

38CrMoAl Screw and Barrel is quite bear-resistance 

Final scrap get wring dried within 3% water content

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