PP nature bag recycling extruder
PP nature bag recycling extruder with high automatic
PLC control system
single screw two stage extruder

Two stage single screw extruder (mother and baby extruder)

ML/SJ double stages single screw recycling and granulation unit
It is used in the PE, PP, PS, PA film and silk, fabric recycling and granulation
The material is comparatively dirty with much impurity and high water content (more than 5%)
The output is 100-1500kg/hour
The machine is made up of two kinds screw
Compactor can do the material cutting, pre-dried, pre-heated and compacted in the shredder drum
Material can be processed directly without the pre-cutting work
It is especially suitable for the film with high impurity and high moisture content
Two stage single screw extruder is better for the degassing with linked part, degassing hole
Once you need, we also can equip two layer cutters board in the compactor
Power consumption: 0.27kW/kg to 0.3kW/kg
Labor: two people one line
Work process:
Feeding is automatic according to customer requirements, in the patented
Cutter compactor the material is cut, mixed, heated, dried, densified and buffered: the tangentially connected extruder is filled continuously
Extruder screw the material is extruded
In the degassing zone: the air and water and more is volatilized, the material is extruded to the die
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