HDPE PP Post-consumer Bottle Recycle Washing Machine
500kg/hr PP/HDPE shampoo bottle and container washing recycling machine
PURUI designed HDPE bottle recycle washing plant/ PP bottle washing line

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Working Process:
Belt conveyor- bottle body label removing system-crusher-spiral feeder-incline floating tank-spiral feeder-hot washer-spiral feeder-horizontal friction washer-spiral feeder-inline floating tank-spray washing system-centrifugal dewatering system- crushed label remover- package silo

PURUI Recycling Machine Information Plastic bottle label separating, cutting, washing, recycling machine with high output and excellent clean ability Whole plastic recycling line is used to crush, wash, dewater and dry the PP/PE flake or rigid material Simple structure, easy operation, large capacity, energy-saving, safety Automatic controlling, compacted structure, excellent production ability, perfect clean ability

Features: 1. to remove oil, bad smell or other sticky waste at large extent 2. bottle label removing 99.9% 3. hot washer with adding chemical or soda with removing bad smeel and oil 4. incline floating tank separate clean PET and waste successfully 5. centrifugal dewatering system will dry PET flake within 1% 6. twin screw extruder can pelletize PET flake into pellets without crystalization system 7. extra equip color sortor, magnetic separator are availiable.

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Centrifugal Dewatering System

Floating Washing Tank

SJ single screw plastic pelletizing extruder

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