2000kghr PET Bottle Washing Line and Plastic Recycling Extruder
2000kg/h PET bottle washing plant and PET flake twin screw extruder
IV reduce less than 0.03
The final PET pellets can be used for making fiber, non-woven cloth

PET bottle washing line /PET bottle recycling plant/PET recycling process 

PURUI Recycling Machine (Label Separating, Crushing, Washing, Drying and Granulating)

HDPE/PP/PET Bottle Recycle Washing Machines are special designed for PET bottle, HDPE milk bottle, PP /PE Bottle, HDPE blue jar, oil bottle, Jerry Can, Waste Plastic Container, Plastic Bucket, Plastic Hollow Bottle with sand, stone, powder, oil and other sticky waste. 
Capacity range: 500kg/h to 6500kg/h 

PURUI Recycling Machine Information
Plastic bottle label separating, cutting, washing, recycling machine with high output and excellent clean ability 
Whole plastic recycling line is used to crush, wash, dewater and dry the PP/PE flake or rigid material 
Simple structure, easy operation, large capacity, energy-saving, safety
Automatic controlling, compacted structure, excellent production ability, perfect clean ability
Pet Bottle Washing Line and Recycling Machinery

1DebaleTo debale the
2Twin spiral chargerLabel sorting, intelligent sorting, manual sorting
3Rotary screen
4Belt conveyor
7Intelligent optical sorting system
8Manual sorting system
9CrushingTo crush the PET bottle into flake
10Spiral feederWashing process
11Floating tank
12Hot washer
13High speed friction washer
14Dewatering machine
15Round floating washing
16Floating tank
17dewateringPET bottle flake drying process
18Pipe drying
19Bottle label separatorTo further remove the PE,PP label
20Compacting packing 

final PET flake quality reference 

Moisture content<0.9%Label<19ppm
PVC<49ppmVariegated tablets<28ppm
PP/PE<19ppmTotal impurity<100ppm
Metal<18ppmFlake size12mm,14mm(customization)

Bottle Label Removing System 

Pre-washing System for seprating bottle cover and bottle body 
Hot washing tank for glue removing 
Second bottle label removing system 
Video for close reference :
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