Waste Polyester Pelletizing Plant and Textile Recycling Machine
PET yarn with 45% moisture--belt conveyor-single shaft shredder--screw loader--ML main pelletizing plant--PET fiber pelletizing system--manual packaging system
Waste textile pelletzing plant/ Plolester Recycle Pelletizing Machine/ PET fiber and fabric plastcic pelletizer 

General Introduction:

A.First , to put the PET yarn with 45% moisture into the belt conveyor, and to feed single shaft shredder for pre-crushing prcoess.

The crushed PET yarn get transfered by screw conveyor from the centrifugal dewatering to dehydrate. The dewatering machine capacity is about 500kg/h. One time dewatering takes 4-5 minutes.

B. After ewatering system, the present PET fiber is in 1-2% moisture. Now, the operator can go on pelletizing textile/ yarn/polyester with the help of ML130 plastic pelletizing plant.  

C. Machine operator can put into the PET yarn bale into the conveyor directly. The conveyor charges the dewatering PET yarn into compactor. The compactor will further pre-cut and preplastification the material by the fixed cutter and rotary cutter friction. It will enhance machine cutting ability, fiber/yarn.polyester get further drying.

D. with ML140 main extruder heating and melting, PET fiber/yarn get melt with output nice pellet. the final pellets  get packaged by the packing system.

Machine Details

Screw diameter(mm)7585100130160180

Single Shaft Shredder for PET fiber crushing 

ML130 PET faber and fabric pelletizing plant/plastic pelletizer 

Pull strip pelletizing system ( to ensure output noodle smoothly)

Plastic pelletizer 

Repellets packaging system 

ML model machine general information :


Model nameML
outputPlastic pellets/granules/resins/plastic raw material
Machine partsBelt conveyor, cutter compactor, main extruder, pelletizing unit, cooling system, silo, cabinet
Recycling materialPP/PE/LDPE/HDPE film, bag, fiber
Capacity range100kg/h to 1200kg/h
Feeding wayConveyor, roll driving system
Screw diameter75mm to 200mm
Screw L/D26 to 33
Screw raw material38CrMoAl or bimetallic
degassingNatural degassing, vacuum degassing
Cutting typeVertical pelletizing way, pull strip pelletizing
Cooling typeWater cool, air cool
Optional devicesMetal detector, water cooling system, feeding silo, vibration system
Delivery time40 to 60 days
Warranty time13 months
Technical supportsMachine layout, installation layout, engineer oversea service
certificateCE/ SGS/ TUV/ CO


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