Squeezing Dried Film Granulating Machine and Plastic Recycling Machine
Plastic Film Squeezing Granulating Machine after Washing Line
Squeezed Film Granulating Line and PURUI Plastic Recycling Machine

General introduction:

The material is transported directly into the extruder by a belt conveyor. The rate of material feeding is controlled automatically by the current of the extruder motor and main extruder screw rotating speed. This design will keep material with balance feeding, and protect material from blocking and melting in the shredding compactor.

Degassing parts: natural degassing/ vacuum degassing

Melting plastic is filtered by a continuous melt filter (plate hydraulic screen filter, double volume screen changer) available with or without back-flushing system. According to material type, the pelletizing way can be equipped with a water ring, strand or underwater pelletizing system.

Main Technical Parameter

Screw diameter(mm)130/140140/150150/160160/180160180
L/D18 to 42
Output(kg/h)5006008001000800 to     10001000-1200

How it works:
Belt conveyor uploading material by timer
Feeder and extruder is controlled by inverter
Various L/D for Various material
Natures degassing, vacuums degassing adopting for moisture
Water ring die face cutting for perfect pellets shape

Four Hydualic screen changing filtering system 
Connecting parts with two stage extruder ( further degassing )
Second stage extruder
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