PE,PP film recycling machine
high automatic with space saving
plastic film recycling system
      Purui film, flake recycling pelletizing system (three-in-one recycling line with mother and baby feeder)
  • Applicable plastic materials: PP, HDPE, LDPE,  LLDPE, TPV, ABS and PS
  • Material shapes: film, bag and flake
  • Material types: woven bag, printed LDPE film, film (rolls, loose, bundled) waste agriculture film, foamed plastics (EPS) and raffia
  • Features of film/flake granulating plastic recycling machine:
    • Filter before vacuum system achieves better degassing and filtering effect
    • Material is cut, pre-dried, pre-heated, pre-homogenized and compacted in the shredding drum
    • Various materials can be processed directly without need of the upstream pre-shredding, resulting in a dramatic reduction in operational costs
    • Less power consumption cost per kilogram (film: 0.39kW/kg, flake: 0.35kW/kg), high throughput, reduced floor space occupation and operator attendance
  • How it works:
    • Screw charger uploading material by timer
    • Feeder and extruder is controlled by inverter
    • Various L/D for Various material
    • Natures degassing, vacuums degassing adopting for moisture
    • Water ring die face cutting for perfect pellets shape
    • Mother-baby model for stable output
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