TSSK95 Twin Screw Extruder for PP viscosity breaker plus master batch
Twin screw extruder for plastic modification and plastic compounding

Parallel co-rotating twin screw extruders have excellent mixing performance and flexible modular configuration characteristics which make them suitable for processing different types of material


Filling modification

Reinforce modification

Preparation for master batch

Blending modification

Cable material


Short glass fiber

Carbon black master-batch

Thermoplastic material/Elastomer

PVC cable materials

Talcum powder

Long glass fiber

Color master batch

Polymer alloys

Zero halogen cable material


Carbon fiber

Flame-retardant master-batch




Other whisker

Degradation master-batch


PE cross-linking cable material

Ceramic powder


Other special functions master-batch


Special cable material

Wood flour/plant fiber





Other inorganic filler




Consist of whole line:
1. Feeding system. vacuum feeder, weightless feeder and mixer all are option 
2. Twin screw extruder
3. Pelletizing system and auxiliaries.  pull strip pelletizing or underwater cutting system 

1.provides complete matching.
2.Computer Controlled De-weighing-type Feeder: The twin screw extruder should be equipped with a feeding system. Our computer controlled de-weighing-type feeder is designed for additional materials as granules, powder and fibers, etc.
3.Control Panel: The control system is available to equip with traditional magnetic contactors, PC or touch-sensing screen.
4.Screw Materials: The screw materials provide tool steel and bi-metal to choose from. The advanced bi-metal seamless barrel features large wall thickness up to 6 ~ 9mm.
5.Choice of Various Cutting System: Strand-type cutting, water ring cutting machine, under water cutting and water pad cutting.

Technical parameters for twin screw extruder
 ModelTSSK-20 TSSK-30 TSSK-35 TSSK-50 TSSK-65 TSSK-72 TSSK-92 
Screw diameter  21.7 30 35.650.5  62.471.2  91
 Rotary speed 600 400 400/600 500/600 400/500 400/500 400/500
 Main motor power 4 11 11/15 37/45 55/75 55/75 220/250
 L/D 32-40 28-48 32-48 32-48 32-48 32-48 32-40
 Capacity 2-10 5-3010-80  20-150100-300  300-600600-1000 

Machine detail pictures

Vacuum feeder plus weightless feeder 

Main Extruder 

Underwater cutting system

Machine running video reference
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