waste PP PE film recycle washing plant

PURUI Recycling Machine Process Material:

Washing line can be used for PP woven bag, film and PE trash bag, film, packing material and some other loose material, agriculture film (1mm), industrial LDPE film with milk and powder, LDPE green- house film. Food packaging film, agriculture film, green house using film, film used in oil field, PP bag, PE film, PP woven bag, LDPE shrink film, multiple film, nature film or heavy printed film, cement bag, oily bag, dirty bag


PURUI Recycling Machine Advantages:

1.Plastic film cutting, washing, recycling machine with high output and excellent clean ability

2.Whole plastic recycling line is used to crush, wash, dewater and dry the PP/PE film, PP woven bag

3.Simple structure, easy operation, large capacity, energy-saving, safety

4.Automatic controlling, compacted structure, excellent production ability, perfect clean ability

5.Labor saving and power saving, like water and electrical

6.Once customer needed, PURUI also offer integrated sewage system


PURUI PP Jumbo Bag Washing and Pelletizing Machine Working Process:

Belt conveyor-Pre-shredder- manual sorter-belt conveyor-magnetic separator-plastic granulator/crusher-high speed friction washer-spiral feeder-twin shafts patting and separating tank-spiral feeder- floating tank- spiral feeder- 2 sets of squeezing dryer- interconnecting silo-ML160/SJ180 double stage recycling extruder


Machine Detail Instruction and Pictures:


Bale BreakingAs the spread film or jumbo bag is hard to transport, more and more waste plastic scrap supplier choose to compress film into bail.Since recycler did plastic recycling, they need break the bale.Pre-shredder to break the bail by inner shaft with output long scrap
CrushingTo ensure the bag or film washing efficiency, supplier always crush the film/bag into 14mm to 16mm scrap. PURUI offered crusher is wet crusher. There are 2 advantages of using wet crusher.

On one hand, to wash the scrap by water, on the other hand, water can decrease the temperature by crusher cutters( bear-resistance).

Crusher can be equipped with operating plateEasily operated with sharpen cutters

Pre-Washing SystemTrommel with roll drum fast rotating, the big waste will be filter by roll drum hole. The big waste will transfer out by bottom belt conveyor.

The machine can be wet and dry washing.

It can protect the knives of the crusher to running longer time and more efficient.

Desand system

Special feeding and washing blade design for big size film prewashing

The screen can remove most of dirty and 99% sand.

The waste film through the prewashing machine can reduce 80% dirty.


Washing, Separating and FloatingTwin shafts patting and separating systemThe inner two big shafts rotating in the rotating tank, material will be patting and washing with separating sticky waste.Floating tank

Wash and separate the materials by material gravity and water gravity.

Water saving by using stainless steel chain, and Pneumatic drain valves


Squeezing DryerThere is one huge screw embed in the squeezer.with screw rotating, material will be push and compress. at this time, the water go out from the filter.After that, with the heat from waste material friction, material will be heated into semi-melting.

Through the die/mould, material will be compressed into densify material with high temperature.

This machine is less energy consumption and good drying performance.Moisture content of the output material can be controlled between 3% to 5%



Company Information

Capacity300-2000 kg/h
Applicationfood packaging film, agriculture film, green house using film used in oil field, PP bag, PE film, woven bag, LDPE shrink film or heavy printed film, cement bag, oily bag, dirty bag
SpecificationPlastic Shredder/ Plastic Crusher, High Speed Friction Washer, Centrifugal Dewatering Washer, Spiral Feeder, Floating Tank, Spiral Feeder , Two Main Shafts Rotting Tank,Squeezer or Squeezer & Agglomerator.Easily operated with power saving
Output Typecrushing, washing, dewatering, drying,granulating and packaging The humidity of final output could be within 3% to 5%.Material will be processed by crushing, washing, dewatering, squeezing & aggregating. The humidity of final output could be within 2%.
After-sales ServiceEngineers available aboard installation

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