Structural plastic granulator
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Host is extruded plastic granulator machine, which consists of extrusion system, transmission system and heating and cooling system. Vigorously develop renewable resources, turning waste into treasure. ⒈ extrusion system,, extrusion system comprising a hopper, the nose, and, plasticized plastic into the system by pressing a homogeneous melt, and in the process at a pressure that is created, the screw head is continuously extruded. ⑴ Screw: is the most important part of the extruder, it is directly related to the scope and productivity of the extruder, from high-strength corrosion-resistant alloy steel. ⑵ Barrel: is a metal cylinder, usually with heat-resistant, high compressive strength, rugged wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant alloy steel or alloy steel lined composite steel pipe. Barrel and screw together to achieve plastic crushing, softening, melting, plasticizing, exhaust and compaction, continuous and uniform delivery system to the molding compound. Its barrel length is generally 15 to 30 times the diameter, to obtain sufficient heat so that the plastic and sufficient plasticizing principle. ⑶ Hopper: the bottom of the hopper is equipped with shutoff device to adjust and cut off the feed stream, depending on the side of the hopper is equipped with holes and calibrated measuring device. ⑷ head and die: die from alloy steel and carbon steel inner sleeve jacket structure, built with the head mold. The role of head of the plastic melt rotary motion into linear motion parallel and evenly smooth import mold sets in, and give the necessary plastic molding pressure. Plastic barrel plasticizing compaction, neck and head through the porous filter plate mold flow into the nose along a certain runner through the core die sets proper fit, forming an annular gap decreasing cross-section, so that the plastic melt forming a continuous coating layer around the tubular dense core wire. To ensure the plastic flow path within a reasonable head, eliminating the accumulation of plastic corners, often placed there shunt sleeve, pressure fluctuations for the elimination of plastic extrusion, also set equalizing ring. Machine head is also equipped with mold correction and adjustment device, easy to adjust and correct the mold core and concentricity die sets. Transmission drive system 2 is the role of the drive screw, feed screws in the extrusion process and the speed of the torque needed, usually by the electric motor, gear and bearing components. ⒊ heating and cooling apparatus for heating and cooling is a necessary condition for plastic extrusion process can be carried out. ⑴2013 extruder commonly used in the electric heating, resistance heating and induction heating is divided into, the heating plate mounted on the body, neck machine, each part of the handpiece. Heated by an external heating means of the plastic tube, so that temperature, temperature of the process to achieve the desired operation. ⑵ cooling device is to ensure that the requirements of the plastic in the process temperature range settings. Specifically, in order to eliminate excess heat generated by the friction of the screw rotating shear, in order to avoid overheating the plastic decomposition, scorch or stereotypes difficulties. Cylinder water-cooled and air-cooled cooling is divided into two kinds, most small and medium extruder using air more appropriate large is to use more cooling water or in combination of two forms; screw water-cooled cooling centers mainly aim is to increase the delivery rate of the solid material stable volume of the plastic, while improving product quality; but cooling hopper, first, in order to strengthen the role of transport of solid materials, to prevent heating the plastic spout grain sticky jam, the second is to ensure the transmission part of the normal work. China Suzhou Zhangjiagang PURUIpresses Equipment Co., Ltd. is a many years engaged in the production of plastic granulator machinery manufacturers. The factory is located in the economically developed and convenient transportation of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province.