Plastic granules machine fault exclusion
Published:2014-09-14 11:13:56    Text Size:【BIG】【MEDIUM】【SMALL

 ⒈ screw in normal operation, but no material reason: not continuous feed hopper; feed inlet blockage or have a "bridging"; spiral groove metal hard fall into the spiral groove clogging, can not properly feed; approach: increase the feed amount of the screw feeding a continuous and stable; mouth shut exclude foreign body material eliminate the "bridging" phenomenon; If confirmed metallic foreign body fell into the screw slot, should immediately stop the demolition of the screw, remove metallic foreign body. ⒉ host does not rotate or instant shutdown Cause: The power of the main motor is not connected; inadequate heating up time, or a heater does not work, resulting in excessive torque makes the motor overload. Solution: Check the host circuit is switched on, power; check each segment temperature display, confirm warm-up heating time, check whether the heater has been damaged or have bad phenomenon, and ruled out. ⒊ vent to take the material causes: material is not clean enough with impurities; feed too fast makes screw extrusion instability; plasticizing screw extruder temperature enough to be a problem. Approach: the raw feed and then clean or replace the filter; reduce the feed rate so smoothly plasticizing screw extrusion stability; improve plasticizing temperature (the temperature is not too high, to prevent burns plastic, affect production quality). ⒋ main motor rotates, but the screw does not turn causes: drive V-bandwidth loose, wear slip; secure key easing off or disconnected. Treatment: V-belt center distance adjustment, tighten the belt, or replacement of the V-belt; check the security key, Fracture analysis, and replace the safety key.