PP/PE agriculture film recycling line (1000kg/h) dispatch away
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Summary:PURUI dispatch the 1000kg/h agriculture film washing line this washing line can wash the film, trash bag, cement bag with 80% sand in it
How to wash agriculture film with 80% sand?

this machine can wash the agriculture film with 80% sand in it. 

as we know, too sand in the film, that is great harmful to the crusher cutter and equipement.

According to the agriculture film waste content(80%), we adopt the follow process to do recycle.

Through the hydraulic compressing bailing cutting system, material compressed the film into bail, and then cut the bail into small blocks (150 to 200mm). After that, small block film goes into the roll drum and desand machine to separate the sand.

After that, the agriculture film sand only takes 5%.  Before to do the crush process, agriculture film sand already mostly removed.  

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