Advantages of waste plastic particles machine obviously a bright future
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Puri presses designed automatic pellet mill waste plastics recycling has many advantages:
1. This waste plastics recycling particles exterior of international fashion color, nice, the whole is more humane in the design, the plastic recycling equipment in the use of more convenient and simple.
2. The use of this waste plastic recycling granulator, plastic recycling all materials sorted and cleaned after crushing without drying or drying, dried, can be produced, wet or dry.
3. Such waste plastics recycling particles sufficiently high pressure continuous friction heating system, automatic heating production, to avoid the continuous heating the plastic recycling energy saving.
4. Such waste plastic recycling machine using split automatic particle distribution system to ensure the normal operation of electrical safety.
5. This waste plastic recycling machine screw barrel particles are made of imported high-strength high-quality carbon structural steel, durable.
6. This waste plastic recycling machine from raw particle crushing, washing, made of particles are fed to automate the plastic recycling career further.
7. This waste plastic recycling granulator machine to be more reasonable improvement in mechanics, prompting plastic recycling equipment to produce a better product quality, yield much improved.
8. This waste plastic recycling granulator can polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, ABS, polystyrene recycling granulator.
9. This waste plastic recycling machine dehydration unit particles into the host, can be directly processed with water, materials, significant savings in manpower, space, time, reducing waste plastic recycling costs.
10. This pellet mill waste plastic recycling processing bags (such as: rice bags, cement bags) without stitches, no trimming, no fragments can be produced directly into the machine, plastic recycling easy.
11. This waste plastics recycling particles of electrical energy consumption of about 60% lower than the old machines are being used in plastic extrusion.
12. This pellet mill waste plastics recycling waste plastic granulator unit and automatic production line, set crushing, washing, dehydration, transmission, feeding, drawing, diced as a whole, only 2-3 people to operate. Plastic recycling machine performance has been more perfect upgrade.