Parallel with the twin-screw extruder gearbox methods to improve the carrying capacity
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At present, the domestic production of flat double special gearboxes are used in a single drive design, the first output shaft to the output shaft of the second lieutenant powered by a pair of gears. However, due to the flat double gearbox shaft center distance of two small, bearing span large, rigid shaft and poor structural reasons, which makes gear Vice strength between the two axes is poor. And most domestic similar gearbox bearing coefficient (1000T / a3) is approximately 5-6, not only can not satisfy the high torque requirements parallel twin extruder unit, and the carrying capacity of the gear box decreases, reducing production efficiency. The purpose of the present invention is to provide a simple, easy to use, improve gear box with a carrying capacity parallel twin-screw ultra high torque gearbox.
  A parallel twin-screw ultra high torque gear box, having a housing divided into upper and lower case the upper case and the lower case structure composed of the lower shell is fixed with an input shaft, the housing is provided with a transition axis, the transition shaft via a gear engaged with the input shaft.
Are provided at both ends of the transition shaft displacement helical gear first and second displacement helical gear. The advantage is in the center under the same distance, which carries power than ordinary flat double gearbox more than double, to meet the high torque, high level requirements dual extrusion unit; special involute tooth meshing using the dotted line shape, tooth contact fatigue strength and tooth root bending strength than ordinary involute gear has improved. Using the power split technology, in order to solve two of the gear pair are contained problems due to the helical gear when the drive will produce an axial force, and therefore the use of helical gear transmission gear. Under the action of axial force, can automatically adjust the backlash, so as to achieve both load effect.
Parallel with the twin-screw extruder is mainly used for waste plastic granulator host material for PVC, modified materials, masterbatch, cable and other renewable granulation.