Foam granulation machine uses and characteristics of what?
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Foam granulation machine is a new environmental protection equipment, is heated to high temperatures by melting the scrap foam, and pelletized.

First, the foam granulator / uses:

Snack for the processing of waste, household appliances and packaging EPS foam (Styrofoam), making it into a renewable PS pellets. This recycled plastic can manufacture all kinds of stationery, toys and electrical appliances, such as Shell.

Second, foam granulation machine features:

1, the main and auxiliary machinery screw barrel are made of high-strength carbon structural steel.

2, foam particles machine tapered screw barrel, feed speed, high yield.

3, main and auxiliary machinery supporting production, heating temperature stability, improve the molecular structure of materials, enhanced permeability, grain quality has improved significantly!

4. The unit mainly by the grinder foam particles, the host, automatic traction pelletizer composition, host automatically for network devices.