Waste plastic recycling granulator functions and features analysis
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Zhangjiagang Puri waste plastics recycling granulator machinery production for a variety of wet and dry plastic film PP, PE, ABS, EVA, bags, cement bags, baby bottles Kazakhstan, machine oiler, pots, barrels,, sheets, nets, safety nets, plastic bags, garbage and plastic, pipe, battery car shell, shell motorcycle, car bumpers and other waste plastics processing granulation.
     Zhangjiagang Puri granulator machinery research and production of renewable particles greatly reduced the production process emissions, waste emission of smoke, reducing the odor generation. This technology is environmentally friendly plastic granulator go the route of a great leap forward, is the embodiment of PURUI technology development capabilities. Puri is sweat and wisdom. Its appearance will promote the healthy development of plastics recycling industry! Puri machinery plastic granulator recycling particles system mainly uses self-absorption, filtration, cooling, water, finance and other technologies combine to make the plastic recycling granulation process exhaust gas is processed. Specific treatment process: Material Handling - crushing - granulation

This machine adopts advanced design principle, the use of mechanical friction softening point temperature reached double twisted strip into tablets, has changed the traditional heating drawing granulation principle, the plastic film, wire, tape, film, soft plastic tube, foaming material degradation and other waste materials and angle materials particles into reproduction, the advantage of granular materials into small material loss, made of high particle finish, dense high. Energy efficient, easy to operate, stable product quality, is the ideal equipment for granulating the latest type of plastics recycling.
The main function;
1. PVC, polypropylene, ethylene, low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene and other kinds of soft plastic film, bags, wire, sheets, tubes and waste recycling waste, into reproduction ;
2. degradable plastic films and angle materials crushed, granulated recovery reproduction;
3. fiber waste (Dacron, eye-lun, propylene wheel) crushed, granulated into reproduction of silk waste management;
4. The use of a machine can replace mixer or dryer.
The main features of this machine:
1. grinding, mixing, coloring can be carried out once.
2. Machine small footprint.
3. The mechanical structure is simple, easy to operate.
The blade gap is adjustable, easy tool change.
5. High efficiency, low energy consumption
6. cold granulation, the basic raw material without destroying the molecular structure, physical properties are not damaged.