Waste plastic recycling granulator product integrated presentation
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, with the parallel twin-screw extrusion granulation production line:
Normal: Yield there (kg / h): 2-10,5-30,10-80,20-150,100-300,300-600,600-1000
High Energy: Yield there (kg / h): 120-280,180-400,250-650,500-1200
Advantages: plastic pelletizing line twin-screw extruder (host) can be divided into parallel counterparts, different to the parallel, tapered three, including parallel twin-screw extruder has excellent mix, good self-cleaning and combination of flexible and modular, able to adapt to many different types of materials and processing system.
Filled: Caco3, talc, Baso4, Ti02, ceramic powder, wood / plant fiber, other inorganic fillers
Enhanced modified: short glass fiber, long glass fiber, carbon fiber, other whiskers
Masterbatch preparation: carbon black masterbatch, masterbatch, flame retardant masterbatch, degradable masterbatch, masterbatch and other special features
Blending: thermoplastic / elastomer, polymer alloy
Cable material: PVC cable, LSZH cable, PE insulation material / sheathing material, PE XLPE cables, special cable
2, different to the parallel twin-screw extrusion granulation production line: for PET, PVC granulation. There Yield (kg / h): 300,400,550,650,850
3, SJZ series conical twin-screw extrusion granulation machine: Suitable for all types of modified PVC powder, granulation. There Yield (kg / h): 110,125,250,380,800
4, TSJ series two-stage granulator (also known as picture-machine): twin screw + single screw
Two-stage extrusion granulation machine has two bands: the first stage is TSSK-speed operation with the twin-screw extruder, can be forced feeding, efficient plastics mixing with shear dispersion, inorganic head backpressure reflux , to avoid overheating the high shear, for a second-order low-speed operation SJ series of large-diameter single-screw extruder, a single temperature control, low speed, low shear screw internal cooling before, to avoid the plastic material has been decomposed, ensure stable extrusion, two-stage extrusion granulation machine is widely used in heat-sensitive material system and a lot of devolatilization operations, such as PVC, XLPE, halogen-free flame retardant cable, shielding material, the high concentration of carbon black masterbatch, etc., can also be used waste (the material used is not clean), material for recycling large water granulation. The device may be the twin-screw extruder to achieve material shear, mixing, extrusion by a single screw extruder completed, the choice of materials. This device has two changer, first changer for filtering, the second for extrusion, two changer connection provided with an exhaust device, advanced scientific structure to avoid overheating caused material decomposition phenomenon. The unit can be used in soft plastic, hard plastic recycling, thereby achieving a multi-purpose function. Advantages: high yield, uniform particles, flexible operation, but high energy consumption.
The device has a yield (kg / h): 100-300,200-500,350-800,800-1200
5, SJ series single screw two-stage granulation production line (mainly used in plastic film recycling granulator) advantages: high yield, simple operation; PE, PS, ABS, HDPE, LDPE, OPP and other raw materials into a stable, uniform; applicable in high moisture content (about 10% moisture), dirty, light plastic film extrusion granulation. The device has a yield (kg / h): 100-160,150-200,250-350,400-600
6, SJ series two-stage single screw forced feeding film pelletizing line: This device is broken forced to join a good plastic film feeding port, (force feeding the way side just above the forced feeding materials and forced feeding two kinds) , the device has a yield (kg / h): 100-200,150-300,300-450,800-1000
7, SJ series single-screw extrusion granulation machine: This machine is suitable for crushing materials, recycling films such as PVC, PE, PP, ABS, PA and other hot plastic granulator, pelletizing ways: brace pelletizing, water ring grinding eager, earnest air-cooled grinding, underwater pelletizing. Yield device has (kg / h): 2-40,10-60,100-150,180-250,250-350,300-600,400-750,800-1000,1500-2000,2000-3000