2015 German plastic recycling machinery market expectations
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Although in 2014 the German manufacturer of plastic recycling machinery sales fell 1%, core machinery earning less than the 6.5 billion euros in 2013, but the latest survey shows that members of the German Association of plastic recycling machinery (vdma) for 2015 optimistic about the prospects. Ulrich reifenhäuser President of the Association said that with the emergence of demand growth in the second half of 2014, he estimated 2015 sales have plastic recycling machinery 6% growth, reaching 6.9 billion euros.
         He believes that the first half of 2015, demand in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and North America will be very good, he is confident the German market. Latin America should increase demand. According to the latest Association of internal investigations, they only expressed reservations on the Asian market, but this does not include China.
         reifenhäuser said that this result takes into account the level of sales in 2014, in line with expectations Association. Operations Director thorsten kühmann Association, added: "From the 2014 full year, total orders received in the previous year's very consistent, despite the upward trend in domestic demand in Germany can serve as a basis for the new year and in 2014. overseas demand in the second half there is a clear and stable growth. growth accelerated significantly from European countries. "
         Prior to November 2014, the European plastic recycling machinery exports have to grow at a rate of 4.1% per year, currently exports reached 4.6 billion euros. This figure has hit a new record, while the German plastic recycling machinery Association will once again raise the share of exports to more than 70%. reifenhäuser that the Chinese market is a factor affecting growth last year, while growth in the US is more than the average. In contrast, growth in South Asian countries like India, Indonesia and Thailand basic stagnation. As with the German approaching, members of the association convinced exports to Italy, Spain and Portugal will grow steadily.