Plastic downstream demand will continue steady growth
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Zhangjiagang PURUI plastic machinery (mainly waste plastic recycling machine) production reports:

Plastic downstream demand side is divided into domestic demand and export demand in two parts, but less direct exports LLDPE, so I mainly analyze domestic demand. 2013 111 month cumulative production for the domestic plastic film 9.8775 million tons, representing an increase of 12 over the same period in 2012;. Agricultural film cumulative production of 1,683,400 tons, compared with the same period in 2012 an increase of 16.7 from the growth point of view, plastic film and agricultural film production growth are higher. I believe that, although December is still the traditional peak season demand, but because of the high prices of raw materials, downstream distributors enhanced resistance, especially in the reserves of the film, just to be less, most orders delayed, dealers no more reserves will, so expected demand in December 2013 slightly less than in November, but the annual growth rate of plastic film production will still have 11 or so, agricultural film production will increase about 16, far better than the downstream demand in 2012. It is basically the same as the supply-side and demand-side stable growth, LLDPE stocks continue to decline. Overall, demand for LLDPE of 2013 showed a steady growth.
Natural disasters and enhance domestic consumption demand is the driving force of plastic sheeting. Needs to be considered is that urbanization and the Central Rural Work Conference meetings are actively and steadily push forward emphasized urbanization, and agricultural modernization is a new process of urbanization an inevitable link. With the substantial increase in the development of modern science and technology and modern industry, plastic sheeting and agricultural equipment such as the number and types of new
The rapid growth of urbanization will drive demand for plastic sheeting. The author believes that 2014 demand will continue to grow plastic sheeting, an increase of about 18.
Plastic film is widely used in the field, the demand for statistics and more difficult to measure, in addition to rely on economic growth and, more dependent on technology advances and consumer spending habits. Judging from the comparative growth, technological advances and consumer spending habits to increase consumption of plastic film is more significant contribution. Expected consumption of plastic film still maintain a rapid growth, the growth rate may be 10 or more. According to this estimate, taking into account the respective proportion of LLDPE downstream consumption, combined with recent years, consumer demand and economic growth in the plastic case, LLDPE demand in 2014 will grow by 10 compared with 2013.