plastic recycling pelletizing machines to speed up the promotion of energy saving energy saving
Published:2014-12-11 10:14:38    Text Size:【BIG】【MEDIUM】【SMALL
Recently, due to the large-scale outbreak of fog and haze, so that people complain unbearable, it also allows people's minds the idea of green energy more in-depth, with the continued downturn in the international economic situation, many companies are controlled presses, cost column the primary task at present, most of the plastic recycling pelletizing machines have been achieved energy saving.
After the research and development of researchers, to produce energy-saving high-frequency heating system, heating efficiency is increased to 90, according to the various plastic processing companies to install detection, energy saving high-frequency heating system for plastics processing enterprises energy saving effect is very obvious, saving power up 30-70. fully reflect its energy-saving advantages for plastics processing enterprises save a lot of electricity costs, increase productivity, improve the workshop environment, thereby directly reducing indirect production costs.
Servo plastic recycling pelletizing machines can not only save resources, reduce costs, but also to enhance the quality, improve working conditions, however, the cost of the composition of injection products, electricity accounts for a considerable proportion, according to the plastic recycling pelletizing machines equipment and technology needs, traditions the plastic recycling pelletizing machines pump motor power ratio of the total device power consumption up to 80-90.
Currently, the servo energy-saving technology has been successfully applied to the plastic recycling pelletizing machines, dosing pumps than ordinary plastic recycling pelletizing machines saving up to 80, compared with a variable pump energy saving of up to 50, while increasing production efficiency more than 10 injection molding machine manufacturing manufacturers have begun to set up production batch, will quickly become the home of a mainstream product.